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Your Trip

The crew of the Sea Hunter 2 will set you up for sight casting, live bait fishing, trolling or bottom fishing depending on the type of trip and whats biting. Fly fisherman are always welcome. 

Capt. Munden likes to capitalize on the abundant fish in these waters.  You might find yourself reeling in spanish mackerel while looking for a 50-pound cobia or red drum, or it may be the time of year for the big king mackerel or blues!  Before you leave the dock the captain will explain what the best fishing is expected to be that day!

We can accommodate groups up to 6 people.  Your trip will include all the licenses, tackle, bait, lures, etc., and ice for the fish while on board. Additional expenses include a tip for the mate and fish cleaning services if you do not want to do it yourself at home. Don’t forget to bring a cooler for your drinks and fish! Ice can be purchased at the marina along with just about anything you need for your trip.

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